Something in my head, my brain
Is running down like autumn rain
When I hear the words "It's over"
Picking flowers in the fields
Painting rainbows on the shields
All those things I wonna show ya again
Think of times with laugh and cry
Funny years are passing by
God, I know, I'm getting older
No more 'I-love-yous' in your eyes
No more double lullabies
Wonna lay down on your shoulder again
Two years young or five years old
Pretty maid with hair of gold
You're my babe, my girl, my daughter
Feel so sad, I just can't say
Feels like taking me away
When I hear the words "It's over" again
Hey, even if I change my life
Another home, another wife
Always find a way to see - each other
Oh, if I die or if I stay
Or crossing over day by day
You'll remain a part of me


Musik: Condition Blue
Text: Lalli Loewnich